What Makes Our Active Watches Unique

What Makes Our Active Watches Unique

Whether you’re running to a meeting or sprinting around a track, you know how important it is to keep your energy levels high so you can stay on top of your game. Inspired by everyday athletes and adventure-seekers like you, Philip Stein’s Active Watch Collection combines the durability and cutting-edge technology of a sports watch with the look of a classic timepiece.

Versatile in design and use, each Active Collection watch is durable enough to wear during sports training, at work and at home. But what sets Philip Stein active watches apart from others, is our proprietary Natural Frequency Technology.

What is Natural Frequency Technology?

Each of us is in tune with the Earth's beneficial natural frequency, which surrounds and protects every living being on Earth. When your frequency is in sync with the Earth’s, you might feel calmer, less stressed and more balanced.

But artificial frequencies emitted from modern technology like Wifi and mobile phones can interfere with your body’s natural desire to be in tune with the Earth’s natural frequency. When this happens, you might feel more stressed out, less centered, more anxious and unable to sleep. If you’re an athletic person, then you know that feeling energetic enough to stay on your game is an absolute necessity.

A Wellness Watch Designed for the Active ‘You’

Each watch in the Philip Stein Active Watch Collection comes with an embedded Natural Frequency Technology disk. The disc acts as an antenna that tunes in to the Earth’s beneficial natural frequencies and channels them back into your body to help you stay focused, less stressed and more energetic — both on and off the sports field.

The Philip Stein active watches feature modern styles that can suit any wellness-minded man or woman on the go.

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Men’s Extreme Chronograph Watch

The Men’s Extreme Chronograph watch is both sleek and durable. The water-resistant watch features a round, 46mm stainless steel case, black and gray dial with chronograph and date display, rotating bezel, integrated black rubber strap and a sapphire-coated crystal and quartz movement. Choose from bezel colors: blue, green, black and orange.

Men’s Active Large Watch

The Men’s Active Large watch has a timeless and sophisticated look. The water-resistant watch features a round, 42mm stainless steel case, single time zone dial in texturized black with a three-dial chronograph, a sapphire-coated crystal and quartz movement and an integrated strap. Choose from three material case colors: stainless steel, rose gold-plated and black plated.

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Women’s Active Small Watch

The Women's Active Small watch can keep up with athletes on the go. The water-resistant, gold-plated watch features a round 36mm stainless steel case, a lightly-textured face (available in black or white), with gold Roman numerals and single time zone indicator, a sapphire-coated crystal and quartz movement and an integrated band.

Philip Stein is a wellness lifestyle company that designs active watches and other accessories to help you feel more balanced, focused and on top of your game. Learn more about Philip Stein and the science behind Natural Frequency Technology.