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Who We Are

From the beginning, Philip Stein aims to fuse health and wellbeing with iconic luxury. Since unveiling its first products over a decade ago, Philip Stein has become one of the world’s leaders in wellness you can wear, delivering timeless watches and accessories that optimize health and harmony to help patrons look and feel at their best.

The Philip Stein Story

The story of Philip Stein begins with owners Will and Rina Stein. Will is a marketing expert with a background in business, while his wife Rina is a watch designer with 28 years of experience in the watch business. Together, they’ve combined their diverse skill sets with a newly-acquired knowledge of natural frequencies and their power to improve one’s overall health and wellbeing, developing a watch collection that promotes wellness while delivering unrivaled style.

The launch of Philip Stein’s watches marked the first time in history that frequency-based technology had been incorporated into a luxury watch brand. Within a short period of time, the company received endless testimonials – better sleep, less tension, and improved concentration.

But perhaps the most important endorsement came in 2010, when media giant Oprah Winfrey featured Philip Stein watches on her “Oprah’s Favorite Things” show.

Will and Rina Stein have accomplished what they set out to create – an iconic watch that boosts wearers’ health and wellness. Philip Stein products are sold in more than 20 countries around the world. The product line has expanded to include a wide range of styles. As the Philip Stein Company continues its research into this life-changing technology, Will, and Rina remain eager and committed to developing products that will enhance people’s quality of life.

Our Mission

We strive to improve our clients’ health and wellbeing through revolutionary technology built into every Philip Stein watch and bracelet. In today’s fast-paced digital age, it can be easy to forget what’s really important — your health. At Philip Stein, we aim to make boosting wellness easy and stylish. Whether you’re looking to stay active and improve your physical performance, enjoy more energy and reduce stress, or achieve better and more restful sleep, Philip Stein delivers wellness you can wear, embedded into stylish Natural Frequency Watches and Natural Frequency Bracelets that make a statement.

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Our Partners

Reputations are deeply influenced by the company one keeps, and Philip Stein is proud list the following brands as loyal partners. From the world’s leading airlines and cruise lines, to hotels that have achieved international acclaim, all of our partners adhere to the same commitment to quality, outstanding service, and forward-thinking innovation that Philip Stein infuses into each of its products.


Emirates  •  British Airways  •  China Airlines
KLM  •  Singapore Airlines  •  Virgin Air
Air Macau  •  Cathay Pacific  •  Lufthansa
Philippine Airlines  •  Hong Kong Airlines  •  Eva Air


Carnival  •  Tui Cruises  •  Disney Cruiseline
Costa  •  P&O Cruises  •  MSC Cruises
Silver Seas  •  Pullmantur  •  Celebrity Cruises
Cunard  •  Holland America  •  Norwegian Cruise Line
Princess Cruises  •  Royal Caribbean


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