Philip Stein Natural Frequency Watches and Sleep Bracelets are a natural solution to improve stress, sleep quality and overall wellbeing.


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Extreme Quartz - Model 34-BGR-RB
Extreme Quartz
Model 34-BGR-RB
1 review
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Classic Round Mini - Model 44-CMOP-IBG
Classic Round Mini
Model 44-CMOP-IBG
$500.00 $299.00
On sale
Classic Round Small - Model 41B-FB-CB
Classic Round Small
Model 41B-FB-CB
$600.00 $295.00
On sale
Traveler Ladies - Model 91F-NCLBL-SS
Traveler Ladies
Model 91F-NCLBL-SS
$595.00 $295.00

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Sleep Bracelets

Sleep Bracelet


Designed to help wearers sleep well and wake up with more energy to seize the day, Philip Stein Sleep Bracelets use Natural Frequency Technology® to better tune your body to natural energy associated with sleep and restfulness.

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Wellness Bracelets

Wellness Bracelet with a green strap


Contemporary craftsmanship meets wellbeing with our timeless wellness bracelets. Embedded in every Philip Stein product, our unique Natural Frequency Technology® harnesses the Earth’s electromagnetic waves to help wearers reduce stress.

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Sport Bracelets

Black sport bracelet


A favorite among professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts, our versatile Sport Bracelet is made with soft, natural rubber and uses our Natural Frequency Technology® to help wearers enjoy more energy while staying active throughout the day.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I can say I am totally obsessed

"I sleep better, I wake up refreshed and throughout the day I don’t find myself craving a nap because I’m so energized from the good night sleep before. I’m absolutely in love!"

Star Star Star Star Star

Anna Arney

It's just fantastic!

"I put it 20 minutes before go sleep in bed and I sleep really good. In the morning I just felt so much better. If somebody is having challenges to sleep at night, this might be something you might wanna try. It is fantastic! I’m in love with mine."

Star Star Star Star Star

Crystal D'cunha

Love using it!!

"With the Sleep Bracelet i found that i drifted off back to sleep right away after being up. I wake up a lot more refreshed, I’m not as drowsy. It’s been a really positive experience."

Star Star Star Star Star

Danielle Larson

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