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Article: Why This World Champion Wears Our Sports Bracelet

Why This World Champion Wears Our Sports Bracelet - Philip Stein
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Why This World Champion Wears Our Sports Bracelet

Both athletes and non-athletes know that life is full of high-pressure moments. Those decisions you make under pressure, both in business and in life determine your future success.

Whether your goal is swimming that extra mile, lifting more weight or being the best parent or partner you can be, you know getting there takes practice and commitment. But with all the stress modern life can bring each day, how do you stay focused on achieving your goals to become the best version of yourself?

American Track & Field Olympic gold medalist and three-time World Champion, Christian Taylor knows it takes endurance, inner balance and unbreakable mental focus to turn dreams into reality.

By age 21, he became the youngest triple jump champion in over 100 years. His 18.21m record ranks second on the all-time list. For someone who has accomplished so much at such a young age, how does Christian maintain his competitive edge and stay on top of his game?

There’s no doubt that Christian trains hard each day — both on and off the field. But in addition to his rigorous training and healthy nutrition regimen, he wears a Philip Stein Horizon Sport Bracelet to help him to stay focused and find inner balance — especially during stressful times.

As a Philip Stein Ambassador, Christian Taylor wants to help educate others about the mind/body benefits of the Horizon Sport Bracelet’s Natural Frequency Technology and how it’s helped him let go of the stress of the past to stay focused on the present.


What is Natural Frequency Technology?

The natural frequency of the Earth surrounds and protects every living thing. As humans evolved, their vibrations became more in sync with the Earth’s. Studies show that humans are at their greatest levels of health, wellness and performance when the Earth/body frequency relationship is uninterrupted.

Think about how you feel each time you meditate or go out into nature. Being in tune with the Earth’s frequency (or the Earth’s “heartbeat”) can make you feel more peaceful, centered and compassionate and less anxious.

But artificial frequencies emitted from modern technology can sometimes interfere with the body’s natural desire to stay connected to the Earth. As a result, many people suffer from high stress, anxiety, low energy and insomnia.

The Philip Stein’s Horizon Sport Bracelet is designed to help bring human and Earth frequencies back in sync through Natural Frequency Technology. Each sports bracelet features an embedded disc that acts like a tuning fork to channel the Earth’s beneficial natural frequencies back into the body to promote inner balance, more energy and increased focus — beneficial for both athletes and non-athletes.

Christian Taylor on What It Means to Find Inner Balance and Peace

Christian first heard about the benefits of the Horizon Sport Bracelet from a fellow Olympic athlete. At the time, Christian was looking for a remedy to help him handle his post-Olympics stress. Intrigued by the idea that connecting with the Earth’s natural energy could help manifest calmness and inner peace in his life, he decided to give the bracelet a try.

As he continued to wear the bracelet, Christian’s anxiety levels decreased, his sleep improved, and he could focus better in times of intense pressure and competition. He learned that becoming the best athlete he could be wasn’t just about training hard; it was about having a healthy mindset.

“I realized that being my best self takes getting enough rest and being able to cope with stress in a healthy way. Those things are as important as being able to push myself physically. When I'm rested, and my mind is clear, I feel unstoppable.”

Throughout his journey as an Olympic athlete and Philip Stein Wellness Ambassador, Christian Taylor has learned that achieving wellness is more than being able to push yourself during a competition. It takes a real alignment of both mind and body to become and stay a champion.

“Letting go of the stress I was carrying from the past was key. I knew that I couldn’t stay the best if I was always looking backward. Now my mind is clear, and I feel more focused than ever on achieving my next set of goals.”

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