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Limitless Power Pink + Extra Strap - Model 500B-FBPK-PETRB - Philip Stein Watch
Limitless Power Pink
model : 500B-FBPK-PETRB
Sale price$395.00
Limitless Brown Flare + Extra Strap - Model 500RG-FBRRG-PETRB - Philip Stein Watch
Limitless Brown Flare
model : 500RG-FBRRG-PETRB
Sale price$395.00
Limitless Gaia Green + Extra Strap - Model 500-FGRNW-PETRB - Philip Stein Watch
Limitless Gaia Green
model : 500-FGRNW-PETRB
Sale price$395.00
Limitless Ace Gray + Extra Strap - Model 500BL-FGRBL-PETRB - Philip Stein Watch
Limitless Ace Gray
model : 500BL-FGRBL-PETRB
Sale price$395.00
Limitless Orange Vibe + Extra Strap - Model 500B-FBOR-PETRB - Philip Stein Watch
Limitless Orange Vibe
model : 500B-FBOR-PETRB
Sale price$395.00
Limitless Blue + Extra Strap - Model 500BL-FBLW-PETRB - Philip Stein Watch
Limitless Blue
model : 500BL-FBLW-PETRB
Sale price$395.00
Limitless Chill + Extra Strap - Model 500B-FBLB-PETRB - Philip Stein Watch
Limitless Chill
model : 500B-FBLB-PETRB
Sale price$395.00
Limitless Blue Delight + Extra Strap - Model 500-FNVW-PETRB - Philip Stein Watch
Limitless Blue Delight
model : 500-FNVW-PETRB
Sale price$395.00

Improve your overall wellbeing

Improve your overall wellbeing

Beneath the captivating design of every Limitless watch lies our exclusive Natural Frequency Technology®, which helps you be more in tune with the Earth's beneficial frequencies, promoting wellbeing and harmony.

Clinical studies confirm it is a natural solution to reduce stress, anxiety, and food cravings while improving mood, cognitive functions, and overall sleep quality.

Ocean-friendly style

The straps of the Limitless Collection, crafted from 100% recycled ocean plastics, represent a meaningful step towards reducing plastic waste and conserving the oceans we cherish.

Each Limitless watch comes with one additional strap both made 100% from recycled plastic.