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Article: 5 watersports to improve your overall wellbeing

5 watersports to improve your overall wellbeing - Philip Stein
More Energy

5 watersports to improve your overall wellbeing

Water sports are a great option to put some fun into your training, especially in the Summer. The resistance created by the water is ideal for activating all the muscles in the body, and when done safely, it also can help reduce the levels of stress and anxiety.

Unlike other exercises, in the water, our joints receive less impact, so it's less aggressive on bones and articulations. There are many activities to choose from, and most of them combine a mix of aerobic, resistance, and strength exercises.

Here are five water activities that are perfect for a full-body workout:


It's an all-time classic. Among its many benefits, stands out the fact that improves lung capacity and cardiovascular wellbeing. Ideal for training all muscle groups in the body, helping your flexibility, and even for weight-loss because it burns a vast amount of calories. It's crucial to stretch thoroughly before starting your session, and it's also perfect for those recovering from an injury.


In recent years, this has become one of the most popular water sports in beaches and lakes all around the world because it's relatively easy for anyone to do. It requires you to stand upright on the board, so it improves core stability and leg strength to maintain balance.

Paddleboarding provides a full-body workout and allows you to connect with nature. A win-win any way you look at it.


Due to the resistance generated by water, your muscles work harder even if the movements become easier. It increases heart rate, blood flow, and the risk of injury is minimal.

Usually, a collective activity, aquagym is a fun way to stay fit and enjoy with others!


One could argue that kayaking may not be a typical full-body workout, but the cardio-strength benefits it brings are evident. It can elevate your cardiovascular health and strengthen your core muscles, not just the arms.

It's perfect for clearing your mind and enjoy your surroundings, which reduces stress and anxiety, helping you feel more in tune with nature.


This is the kind of sport that if you give it a try, might hook you up for life. It brings many health benefits, both physically and mentally. And even though it's not the easiest sport to learn, once you ride your first wave, you'll feel pretty satisfied with all the effort put into it.

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