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Article: Training indoors or outdoors: which one is the best?

Training indoors or outdoors: which one is the best? - Philip Stein
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Training indoors or outdoors: which one is the best?

Some people like to go jogging outside and feel the breeze on their face as they make their way. Others prefer the convenience of the gym. Does participate in physical activity in outdoor natural environments have a more significant effect on physical and mental wellbeing than physical activity indoors? Well, each activity has its pros and cons.

  1. Contact with nature vs socializing

One of the main advantages of doing sports or training in open spaces is that it allows us to enjoy our natural surroundings and disconnect. It has the power of making the activity healthier and more gratifying. On top of that, your body gets a much-needed vitamin D boost. You should stick to green areas to avoid pollution and benefit from breathing quality air.

On the other hand, the gym, being a closed space, can feel monotonous and more of a burden because the fatigue sensation appears sooner. Nevertheless, we do not depend on climate conditions to train, and there's the possibility to participate in group activities like aerobics, spinning, and cross-fit. We likely meet people we feel keen with and maybe establish new friendships.

2. Flexible vs scheduled work-out routine

Working out in the open is an activity that we can adapt to our necessities. We decide when to do it instead of sticking to a rigid schedule that may clash with other daily activities. It's a great option if you are exceptionally committed, but if you often struggle getting off the comfort of your sofa, this may not be the way to go.

In that case, the gym can provide the structure you need to be more constant with your exercise routine. There you'll have the chance to choose the activities that suit you best according to your daily schedules. And also, access to a wide variety of equipment and machinery.

3. Saving money vs personalized training

Training outdoors is an affordable way to get in shape and, besides, accessible to everyone. If you don't want or can't to pay a gym fee, out in the open, you'll find many places to train: mountain, fields, a city park, etc. Stairs or a light pole can serve you as a support to stretch your muscles, before and after your work-out.

Despite having to pay a fee, one of the greatest advantages of the gym is that you have at your service certified trainers available to help you improve your performance. Receiving professional advice will speed up the results of your training, boosting motivation to keep going. Also, you're less likely to get injured when a trainer is teaching you the proper way to do any exercise.

And finally, because it's summertime...

4. Heat vs air conditioner

Working out in the heat is more demanding on your body. Your cardiovascular system, for example, is performing under more stress, pumping oxygen to the muscles as well as more blood to the skin to help reduce heat. The same exercise will require less effort when performed under cooler conditions. And although you can adapt if you stick to certain hours, training outside requires some precautions like using sunscreen and keeping hydrated all the time.

In the gym, thanks to the air-conditioning, you can push yourself harder as your cardiovascular capacity is not overwhelmed by the blazing sun.

As mentioned before, each type of work-out has its pros and cons, so the tendency is to mix up both to keep your physical activity fresh and enjoyable.

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