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Article: Foods that can help you improve your skin SPF

Foods that can help you improve your skin SPF - Philip Stein

Foods that can help you improve your skin SPF

When Summer arrives, taking extra care of our skin is something we should never overlook. Finding the right sunscreen for you is the first step to protect yourself from UV rays and reduce the risk of skin cancer, but there are other ways to complement such protection.

Did you know that some kinds of food can naturally boost your skin SPF?

Choosing adequate nutrition can be a determinant factor to maintain your body hydrated during the Summer months, so here are some nutrients you should consider adding to your diet:

- Coenzyme Q10.

This nutrient is the first antioxidant to be degraded off the skin due to sun exposure. Hence the importance of consuming foods that contains it. The Q10 is an antioxidant that is naturally present in fish, shellfish, spinach, and walnuts. All of these give our dermis an essential supplement to reinforce the natural protection of the skin.

- Beta carotene.

Considered one of the most important precursors of Vitamin A, this nutrient is also known as Pro-Vitamin A, and it helps keep the skin healthy and soft. The carotenoids are probably the most efficient neutralizer of "singlet oxygen," which causes the formation of free radicals. Foods that are rich in this nutrient are pumpkins, carrots, peaches, papaya, and peppers. As with everything, you should incorporate them to your diet in a balanced way because an excess of Vitamin A can be harmful to the liver, among others.

- Vitamin C.

It helps balance the inflammatory response of the body, as well as the function of antioxidant mechanisms. You can found it abundantly in citric fruits, cauliflower, and spinach; but the vast majority of fruits and vegetables contain this nutrient.

Recovery time is also necessary because it can boost your immune system and helps regenerate the skin from sun-exposure damages. Make sure to get great sleep to feel your best again.

It is important to remember that, although a balanced diet can help you improve your skin's response to sun exposure, it's not a substitute for sunblock. UV radiation generates free radicals that produce inflammation and damages the skin DNA. This damage can induce gene mutations that may lead to cancer.

Take care of your skin correctly, and keep enjoying your Summer!

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