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Article: What You Can Expect From Wearing Our Fitness Bracelet

What You Can Expect From Wearing Our Fitness Bracelet - Philip Stein
Better Sleep

What You Can Expect From Wearing Our Fitness Bracelet

Every day brings a slew of challenges your way. From taking care of your loved ones to managing high-pressure decisions at work to keeping your body healthy, your day is a non-stop marathon. With so many demands competing for your attention, you have no time for dragging energy levels or scattered, distracted thoughts.

Sometimes, even though you try to eat right and keep healthy habits, life can seem like too much to handle. It might not be your fault.

Harnessing Natural Frequency

Every day, all over the Earth, we are surrounded by frequencies. Many of these are man-made frequencies emanating from our cell phones, personal devices, and communications transmitters. These kinds of frequencies interrupt our sleep patterns, compete constantly for our attention, and generally disrupt our natural rhythms. Other frequencies are natural, emitted by the very planet we live on. If we could tune into these natural frequencies, we could find a calmer, clearer sense of well-being, tap into untold energy reserves, and unlock the potential within ourselves.

The Horizon Sport Bracelet is the effortless accessory that can do just that. This slim, beautiful fitness bracelet helps bring your mind, body and soul into alignment for increased calm, focus, and energy. Whether your goal is to win your age group in a marathon, beat your college buddy at racquetball, or keep up with your toddler, this fitness bracelet could be the edge you’ve been looking for.

This is not another tracking or monitoring device like some other wearable technology brands. The Horizon Sport Bracelet uses Philip Stein’s cutting-edge proprietary technology to support and improve your overall quality of life. Best of all, it’s effortless. Our proprietary Natural Frequency Technology brings unlimited potential for increased well-being right to your wrist.

Scientists in the 1950s discovered the natural frequencies that surround every living thing on  Earth. These frequencies are different from the man-made frequencies our cell phones and devices transmit, which often interfere with our natural rhythms, increasing our stress and draining our energy levels. Each Horizon Sport Bracelet contains a metal disc that is finely tuned to the specific frequencies that can boost your ability to focus, stay calm, and feel energized.

Everyone is different, so everyone experiences the Earth’s frequencies differently. Testimonials from our customers suggest that wearing a Philip Stein workout bracelet can make a real impact on performance in tangible ways. Real people—from Olympic athletes and coaches to CEOs and industry powerhouses—feel the benefits from wearing the Horizon Sport Bracelet every day.

Randy Huntington, Olympic coach for the China athletic team, tried the fitness bracelets on his team as they prepared for competition in Rio. “We were looking for any little advantage that was legal,” he says. “The bracelets normalized the athletes and brought them to homeostasis much quicker than normal, [and] this gave us faster recovery from travel and training stress.”

Bring Your A-Game to Life

Maybe you’re not an Olympic athlete. You still want to feel your best and bring your A-game to every situation. Tess Waresmith was a competitive swimmer and weightlifter in college, and now she manages high-profile accounts for an international marketing firm. She found that Horizon Sport bracelet brought benefits to many aspects of her life. “The longer I wore the bracelet, the more I realized that it gave me the edge I’ve been looking for,” she says. “I felt a little more calm, a little more energized and definitely more balanced. I’ve also received an incredible number of compliments and love its sleek, comfortable design.”

Calm. Energized. Balanced. Are these the advantages that could bring your life to the level you want? Of course they are. When you feel calm and focused, you can organize your thoughts and deal with all the complex situations in your daily life without getting overwhelmed. With boundless energy, you can go from dazzling in the boardroom to winning on the racquetball court to chauffeuring the kids after band practice to connecting with your spouse—all without loading up on caffeine or feeling overwhelmed.

Work Smart, Be Well

Working harder isn’t always the answer. Sometimes you have to work smarter. A Horizon Sport Bracelet is an elegant, stylish wearable well-being tool that helps you maximize your potential every day, and look fantastic while doing it. Put the technology to work for you and unlock the Wellness Warrior inside you. Whether you’re a world-class athlete, a busy executive or a stressed parent, more energy and greater well-being are within reach.

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