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Article: Fighting Fatigue: How Our Sleep Wristband Can Help

Fighting Fatigue: How Our Sleep Wristband Can Help - Philip Stein
Better Sleep

Fighting Fatigue: How Our Sleep Wristband Can Help

When you don’t get enough sleep, everything seems a little harder. Even simple things like paying attention in a meeting or remembering to pick up the dry cleaning after work become taxing when your body doesn’t get the rest it needs. The problem isn’t just too few hours spent in bed, either; it’s about getting the deep, restful sleep that allows your body and mind to repair themselves and wake refreshed.

Tossing and turning for hours can be just as frustrating and counterproductive as staying up too late. How many nights have you fallen asleep quickly, only to awaken in the wee hours and stare at the ceiling in wide-eyed stupor? Every minute that clicks by on the clock seems to echo all the chores and events you won’t have the energy and focus to accomplish the next day. And feeling fatigued can affect your mood, making you irritable and short with your colleagues and loved ones.

The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation isn’t merely an inconvenience for our busy modern lifestyle. A lack of sound sleep puts your health in jeopardy. Your risk for obesity, heart disease, diabetes all go up when your sleep patterns are disrupted. Even your overall life expectancy can suffer from not getting the recommended eight hours of shut-eye a night.

A lot of factors contribute to why many of us fail to get the sleep our bodies and minds need. Of course, an over-extended schedule chock-full of meetings, schoolwork and family obligations is often the biggest culprit. We are always trying to fit as much as possible into all 24 hours, usually at the expense of a solid night’s rest.

Our culture supports this kind “workaholic lifestyle” with status and rewards for the busiest among us. One of those rewards, however, is not necessarily good health or a sense of well-being. Too much caffeine, certain medical conditions, and our ubiquitous digital devices are all other contributing factors to our collective lack of sufficient sleep.

So what can you do? It would be great to eliminate all of our responsibilities so we could sleep as late as we like, but that’s probably not very realistic. Besides, it’s not always the number of hours that’s at issue; rather the quality of sleep we’re getting must be improved. With even six or seven hours of deep, restful sleep, you could awaken refreshed, energized and ready to take on all the challenges of your busy day.

How the Sleep Bracelet Can Help

If you’ve tried rearranging your schedule, avoiding caffeine, and spending a bundle on new bedding, all to no avail, there’s still a solution. Our sleep wristband provides an effortless way to enhance the quality of sleep you’re getting, without drugs or side effects of any kind. Each of these beautiful sleep wristbands contains a metal disc that tunes into the natural frequencies of the Earth to align your body and mind in preparation for the sleep you need. This unique Natural Frequency Technology harnesses the specific electromagnetic waves that surround our planet to improve your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep all night.

The ultra-soft microfiber strap encircles your wrist in a velvety embrace, complete with holes for breathability so you won’t even feel its delicate touch. Simply slide the band on 15-20 minutes before your bedtime or naptime, then let your natural sleep rhythm take hold for a deep, restful repose. You’ll wake feeling refreshed and energized—never groggy or hungover.

If you’ve struggled with insomnia or fatigue from restless nights, this elegant sleep wristband could be the solution you’ve been searching for. A full night of deep, uninterrupted sleep will increase your overall sense of well-being and lower your risk for dangerous health problems. The Horizon Sleep Bracelet is portable, convenient, completely natural, and the epitome of simple elegance.

Unlock Your Best Life

Break free of the sleep deprivation cycle and unlock your potential for a healthier, more meaningful life filled with energy, balance and all the activities that bring you joy. With deeper, more restful sleep, you’ll have the edge you need to not only get through each day but enjoy every minute to its fullest. Rediscover the you that wakes refreshed and ready to bring your very best to your family, your job and your friends in every way.


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