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Article: Sleep Wristband to Active Watches: Philip Stein for Everyone on Your Gift List

Sleep Wristband to Active Watches: Philip Stein for Everyone on Your Gift List - Philip Stein
Better Sleep

Sleep Wristband to Active Watches: Philip Stein for Everyone on Your Gift List

The holiday season is almost here, and it’s a great time to give your loved ones a gift that will help enhance their health and well-being throughout the year. Philip Stein’s luxury collection of wellness watches and bracelets use proprietary Natural Frequency Technology to help reduce stress, increase energy and promote more restful sleep.

Each wellness accessory features an embedded metal disc that acts like an antenna to help tap into and channel the Earth’s healing vibrations back into the body. Philip Stein’s collection of health watches and sport and sleep bracelets can help maximize health and promote well-being.

Gifts for the First-Time Parent

Getting enough high-quality sleep is crucial to maintaining a sense of overall well-being, and new parents are often lacking in that department. Give the gift of better sleep to a new mom, a workaholic or any insomniac if you want to gain some serious gift-giving points this year.

The Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet can be a natural solution for reducing stress, anxiety and tension. Natural Frequency Technology helps balance the body’s circadian rhythm or “sleep/wake” cycle. The technology works to increase the body’s exposure to the Earth’s natural frequencies, which in turn contributes to the body’s production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

Additionally, each sleep wristband is soft and comfortable to wear throughout the night. The Sleep Bracelet doesn’t require a battery or power source, which makes it an ultra-portable and travel-friendly health accessory. It comes in two designs: Classic and Slim.

Gifts for the Health-Conscious

Even the healthiest people on your list could benefit from a boost in focus and endurance. Philip Stein health and wellness watches for women feature modern styles just for the wellness-conscious person on the go. Each Philip Stein luxury timepiece uses Natural Frequency Technology to promote relaxation, improve focus and help melt away stress — essential for active individuals.

Gifts for the Fashion-Forward Recipient

Trendy individuals will appreciate a stylish, new watch that also helps improve well-being! The Philip Stein Colors Collection includes watches with stainless steel or yellow gold-plated cases, single time zone dials, quartz movements and integrated straps. Wrist straps come in a variety of colors to match your recipient’s particular style.

Gifts for Dad

Surprise dad with something he’ll actually wear this year, like the Philip Stein Classic Collection Watch. This watch offers a durable and stylish design that’s appropriate for everyday wear, with a stainless steel or two-tone rose gold case and interchangeable straps. The Classic Watch Collection features timeless styles for both men and women, so you can pick one up for mom, too.


Gifts for the Globetrotter

Got a friend who’s constantly on the go? A travel-friendly wristwatch is a good way to help ensure that he or she is always on time. Each watch in the Philip Stein Traveler Collection or the Signature Collection (Dual Time Zone Dial) features a stainless steel or two-tone rose gold plated case, plus a classic dial detail with date display, Swiss Ronda 514 movement and an integrated strap. The Traveler Watch Collection includes luxury timepieces for both men and women.

Gifts for the Cool Guy

Trend-setting guys who love to break the mold will appreciate the crisp, clean styling of watches from the Philip Stein Sky Finder Collection. Each watch in this collection features a round brushed finished steel or PVD plated case, date display, quartz movement and an integrated strap. The watch is available in five dial colors: gray, white, black, brown and green.

For the High Achiever

The original Philip Stein watch has a distinguished and classic look suitable for any occasion — perfect for the style and career-minded individual. Each watch in the Signature Collection features an eight shape and dual time zone dials, along with interchangeable straps. Our Signature Collection features timeless designs for both men and women.

For the Adventure Seeker

The Philip Stein Active Watch Collection is inspired by the active and adventure-seeking individual who’s not afraid to get up-close and personal with all new technologies and gadgets. Each watch is water-resistant and features a round single time zone indicator, a sapphire-coated crystal and quartz movement, and an integrated strap. Its versatile-yet-sophisticated look is perfect for both inside and outside the gym. Active Watches are available for both men and women.

Gifts for Techy Fitness Buffs

Too much stress can be detrimental to a person’s health, and can deter you from reaching your potential at the gym or on the court. With the stress of modern life combined with the constant interference of artificial frequencies, it’s no wonder why so many people are feeling drained.

The Philip Stein Horizon Sport Bracelet uses Natural Frequency Technology to keep the body energized, focused and ready to take on the day’s challenges. Everyone from the busy mom to the Olympic athlete would benefit from the energy boost provided by this bracelet!

Each fitness bracelet features a minimalist design with a rose gold plated or stainless steel case. The leather wrist strap comes in a variety of colors, including red, black, gold, brown, white and purple.

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