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Article: 3 Ways Our Sport Bracelet Can Up Your Fitness Game

3 Ways Our Sport Bracelet Can Up Your Fitness Game - Philip Stein
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3 Ways Our Sport Bracelet Can Up Your Fitness Game

Whether you’re a world champion athlete or a weekend warrior, the Philip Stein Horizon Sport Bracelet can help you achieve your fitness goals. Sleek and waterproof, the Horizon Sport Bracelet is uniquely designed to move with you— both on and off the sports field.

Each bracelet uses Natural Frequency Technology to help you reconnect your body with the Earth’s beneficial natural frequencies. When our bodies are in tune with the vibrations of the Earth, we tend to feel focused and more collected.

But artificial frequencies emitted from modern technology like smartphones can cause a disruption between our body and the Earth’s vibrations, leaving us feeling drained and less focused. So each Horizon Sport Bracelet features an embedded metal disc that acts as an antenna to channel the Earth’s frequencies back into the body.

Here are three ways the Philip Stein Horizon Sport Bracelet can help you up your fitness game.

Less Stress

Everyone experiences stress from time to time. A healthy level of stress can help give you the extra push you need to succeed, but too much stress can leave you feeling anxious and unable to cope with pressure. Competitive athletes juggle training and competition stress on top of the stress they might be experiencing in their personal lives.

Chronic stress can wreak havoc on the mind and body and lead to health issues like depression, stroke and heart disease. In the short term, feeling stressed out can leave you unable to regulate your emotions or cope with everyday challenges.

Philip Stein’s Horizon Sport Bracelet can help keep your stress levels in check — especially during those high-pressure moments. The Horizon Sport Bracelet’s Natural Frequency Technology can help reduce your stress and anxiety levels so you can redirect your energy back into the game.

More Focus

Giving your all in the gym or on the field takes more than just physical strength; it also takes concentration and focus. The ability to focus and be in the present, especially during an athletic competition, is essential.

Have you ever gotten into “the flow” while running a race or during an intense weightlifting session? If you have, you were likely feeling highly focused and present. Maximizing focus and concentration means being able to shut out all distractions. But there are some days (or weeks) when this is easier said than done.

Stress or fatigue from not sleeping well or from a seemingly endless to-do list can make you feel disconnected from your game or workout. The Horizon Sport Bracelet is designed to help maximize your athletic performance by rebalancing and re-tuning your body and mind using Earth’s restorative natural frequencies. Wearing the Horizon Bracelet enables you to focus on giving your best athletic performance.

Higher Energy

Between work, family and sports commitments, it’s entirely natural to feel a bit drained now and then. But feeling sluggish on most days can prevent you from achieving your goals and performing at your very best.

Maintaining high energy levels is especially important for competitive athletes. Energy is the driving force that pushes athletes towards peak physical performance.

Your energy level dictates how hard and how often you train. A lack of energy can hold you back from reaching your athletic and fitness goals. In fact, getting enough rest is essential to maximizing energy levels.

If your body and mind are pushed to the max most days, and you’re unable to relax or sleep well, your athletic performance will suffer. Wearing the Philip Stein Horizon Sport Bracelet can give you the energy boost you need to power through even the toughest athletic challenges.

Natural Frequency Technology inside Philip Stein’s Horizon Sport Bracelets can help everyone from the weekend warrior to the professional athlete in achieving their fitness goals. Feeling more connected with the Earth’s natural frequencies can help you find balance and inner strength. Wearing the Philip Stein Horizon Sports Bracelet can help you reduce stress and give you the focus and energy you need to be at your very best.

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