Woman wearing a Natural Frequency Technology watch

Natural Frequency Watches

Our planet has a pulse, measurable natural frequencies that surround life on Earth and the unique Natural Frequency Technology® within our watches is finely tuned to finely tuned to resonates with the body, strengthening our bio-magnetic field that can help wearers better cope with stress on a day-to-day basis and improve their overall wellbeing.

LESS STRESS Person sitting in a yoga pose

All Philip Stein watches are embedded with our unique Natural Frequency Technology®, which resonates with the body, it strengthens your bio-magnetic field to help you feel less stressed and improve your overall wellbeing.


Philip Stein timepieces represent something unique in the watchmaking landscape; each collection is carefully curated to fit different styles or occasions, whether it's an iconic everyday watch, a stunning luxury timepiece or one designed for water-sports practice; all deliver the same benefit: REDUCE STRESS.


A variety of our timepieces comes with a very fashionable feature: interchangeable straps. Choose your favourite ones using our STRAP FINDER and combine your outfits anyway you like. Look and feel at your best!

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