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Top 6 FAQS about our Sport Bracelet

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Every day we are confronted with multiple challenges and having the energy to overcome them is a constant struggle for almost everyone. Long hours at work, traffic jams, lack of proper sleep… they all take a toll on our stamina making us feel drained, sometimes even before the day starts. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an ally that can help you feel in tune with your optimum energy levels? That’s what the Philip Stein Sport Bracelet is all about. Here are some frequently asked questions about this innovate bracelet.

  1. Philip Stein Sport Bracelet - What is it?

It’s a wearable wellbeing technology band that houses Philip Stein’s proprietary and unique-in-its-kind Natural Frequency Technology®, designed to help you feel more energy, increased focus, and improved alertness.

  1. How does it work?

All life on Earth is exposed and influenced by electromagnetic frequencies that surround the planet, and these natural frequencies, unlike man-made frequencies, have been linked with different benefits. The Philip Stein Sport Bracelet houses a unique Natural Frequency Technology® disc that works like a finely-tuned antenna harnessing these beneficial frequencies and channeling to your body.

  1. How can it improve my training?

The Philip Stein Sport Bracelet is finely tuned to help you boost your energy levels during the day and increase your focus on a regular basis. Making it part of your training gear can help you optimize your physical and mental performance so you can embrace the best version of yourself.

  1. When should I wear it?

As Will Stein, CEO and Co-founder of Philip Stein often says, the Natural Frequency Technology® “works in the background” while you go about your daily life normally; so it’s perfectly fine to wear the Sport Bracelet throughout the day but only remember to take it off when taking a nap or going to sleep at night.

  1. Can I swim with it? 

Yes. The Philip Stein Sport Bracelet is waterproof and well suited for aquatic sports practice.

  1. I am allergic to latex. Can I wear it safely? 

Definitively! The Sport Bracelet is made from a high-quality natural rubber that has a smooth feel against the skin and supposes no risk for people with latex allergies.

Feel energized to make the most of every day thanks to the unique Natural Frequency Technology® within the Philip Stein Sport Bracelet. More energy, more of you!