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Article: Restoration in the New Year: How to Create a Plan of Self-Rejuvenation

Restoration in the New Year: How to Create a Plan of Self-Rejuvenation - Philip Stein
Better Sleep

Restoration in the New Year: How to Create a Plan of Self-Rejuvenation

Daily life takes a tremendous toll on the human body, no matter your profession, age or place of residence. We constantly find ourselves pulled in countless directions, with family obligations, work demands and seemingly endless errands. Sometimes you just need to take a break, but that’s often not viable… that’s where self-rejuvenation comes in!

Over the course of each year, we could forfeit vital sleep totaling hundreds of hours, we cut corners dietarily, we rationalize our failure to exercise regularly and we allow physical and psychological stress to wreak havoc on our overall wellbeing.

But there is good news. You have it within your power to reverse course this very moment. And what better time to do so than with the coming of a new year? A good self-rejuvenation plan can make you happier, healthier and more productive in the New Year. The best part is, it doesn’t require a whole bunch of spending or any big lifestyle changes.

Step 1: Assess Your Environment

Even the most basic of buildings begin with a blueprint of some sort, and so should your commitment to self-rejuvenation. Any serious effort to restore your physical and mental health will incorporate several steps and lifestyle changes. But fear not! Even the loftiest self-rejuvenation strategies include baby steps, so don’t be afraid to take it slow.

Let’s look at the question of environment. This does not necessarily indicate the larger ecosystem you inhabit (though that deserves some attention), but the office in which you work, the home in which you sleep and the vehicle you routinely drive. All of these places surround you — quite literally — so you need to make sure they’re hospitable and help you achieve your greater goal of happiness and health.

Have you ever given extended thought to the air quality and minor threats to your health present in these places? The lungs are particularly vulnerable and sensitive to damaging airborne toxins of all sorts, including those kicked up by ceiling fans and vehicle air conditioning units.

An air quality assessment by a certified professional may be worth the expense for those indoor areas where you spend the most time.

Cleaner air yields purer respiration and an overall lift in cardiovascular health, the latter of which is tied to directly to the body’s stress response. You can also spend some time getting organized. A neat space equals a clear mind, say the experts. And, of course, any plan of self-rejuvenation should include a little bit of purging! Get rid of (and donate) excess clothes and home goods to help you create a healthier and more enjoyable physical environment.

Step 2: Think About Your Diet

Another major factor where general well-being is concerned is that of diet. As Anthelme Brillat-Savarin once wrote, “Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you what you are.” Too often we overlook the singular importance of fueling our bodies with quality foods, and almost always in the interest of convenience.

It is a sad state of being, but oftentimes, low-nutrition foods (or food products) are more accessible, more affordable and more addictive than many of their high-nutrition counterparts. But this situation can be overcome with responsible meal-planning, intelligent shopping practices and a commitment to cooking at home. Committing to eating healthier, fresher and more whole foods in the New Year can bring big gains in the health department.

By populating your plate with a wide variety of nutrient-dense vegetables, antioxidant-rich fruits and protein-packed nuts, your body will benefit from greater energy and even improved recovery times following intensive exercise or otherwise physically demanding activities. Speaking of which…

Step 3: Tune-In with Your Body

Very little is as important as routine exercise for purposes of maintaining one’s health and well-being. The body in its entirety benefits in countless ways from sustained physical exertion, with the mind reaping myriad dividends itself. Your circulation will improve almost immediately when shifting from a sedentary to an active lifestyle, as will your energy levels.

One of the most celebrated results of regular exercise is the quality of sleep that follows. A fit body subjected to daily activity will find deep rest exceedingly easy to come by. Wearing our sleep bracelet can help you meet your sleep goals in the New Year. You simply won’t meet your goals — whether they be dietary, work-related or all about de-stressing — unless you’re getting some good-quality rest every night.

Are you stretching early and often? If that question were asked of one-hundred randomly selected American citizens, fewer than half would answer in the affirmative. Stretching is tough. It requires patience, some understanding of one’s own body and a willingness to endure discomfort for seconds or minutes on end. But it is plainly vital to overall mobility, essential to maintaining or developing basic coordination, and goes a long way towards counteracting sore muscles.
Incorporate these recommendations into your daily life and experience measurable rejuvenation in both body and mind throughout the coming year. With health and longevity awaiting you, why not immediately start in the New Year?

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