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Natural Frequency Bracelets

Our planet has a pulse, measurable natural frequencies that surround life on Earth and the unique Natural Frequency Technology® within our Philip Stein Bracelets is finely tuned to resonate with the body and strengthen your bio-magnetic field, improving your overall wellbeing.

IMPROVE YOUR WELLBEING Person in a yoga pose

All Philip Stein bracelets are embedded with our unique Natural Frequency Technology®, which resonates with the body, strengthening your bio-magnetic field. Each kind of bracelet provides a specific benefit that can help improve your overall wellbeing: BETTER SLEEP, LESS STRESS, or MORE ENERGY.

Sleep Bracelets

Sleep Bracelet


Designed to help wearers sleep well and wake up with more energy to seize the day, Philip Stein Sleep Bracelets use Natural Frequency Technology® to better tune your body to natural energy associated with sleep and restfulness.

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Wellness Bracelets

Wellness Bracelet with a green strap


Contemporary craftsmanship meets wellbeing with our timeless wellness bracelets. Embedded in every Philip Stein product, our unique Natural Frequency Technology® harnesses the Earth’s electromagnetic waves to help wearers reduce stress.

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Sport Bracelets

Black sport bracelet


A favorite among professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts, our versatile Sport Bracelet is made with soft, natural rubber and uses our Natural Frequency Technology® to help wearers enjoy more energy while staying active throughout the day.

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Sleep Bracelet


Sleep is crucial to our health and overall wellbeing. Improving the quality of your sleep will also improve your mental and physical performance everyday.

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The innovative Sleep Bracelet (which do not require power or batteries) comes with a smooth “pajama strap” made of an ultra soft microfiber for your total comfort and with perforated holes to let your skin breathe at night. Simply put it on 15-20 minutes before taking a nap or going to sleep and start feeling all the benefits of deep restfulness.


The Natural Frequency Technology® disc within the Sleep Bracelet can help wearers reduce the negative effects of jet lag, like fatigue or dizziness.

Woman sleeping while wearing her natural frequency technology sleep bracelet

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Wellness Bracelet


Our Philip Stein Wellness Bracelets showcase contemporary fashion, culture and design at its finest, by offering not only a beautiful accessory but by aiming to improve the quality of life on a day-to-day basis. The combination of exquisite design and modern technology captures an essence of luxurious wellbeing that can brighten up your life in more than one way.

Woman wearing a red wellness bracelet. The back of a wellness bracelet. Orange and red wellness bracelets.

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Sport Bracelet


The water-and-sweat resistant Sport Bracelet is made from a high-quality natural rubber for extra comfort and it’s very easy to put on and off thanks to its mushroom buckle.


Athletes like Olympian Champions Christian Taylor and David Verburg, wear the Sport Bracelet as part of their training routine and competitions. Sports & fitness enthusiasts alike can also enjoy all the benefits of wearing the Natural Frequency Technology® regularly.

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Woman unrolling a yoga mat while wearing a sport bracelet. The back of a sport bracelet. The black and white sport bracelets.

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