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Natural Frequencies And Their Origin.

Events on earth such as thunderstorms and in outer space such as intense solar activity constantly produce extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves below 40 Hertz. Did you know that lightning strikes somewhere around the globe several times every second of the day? This produces a constant supply of natural frequencies that circle the earth, trapped between the earth’s surface and ionosphere, energy available to Philip Stein.

The Discovery

In 1952 German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann proposed the existence of natural electromagnetic waves surrounding our planet. Eight years later, in Germany biologist Ruetger Wever used a variety of experiments to show that these Schumann Resonances can positively influence health, performance and overall wellbeing of humans. It wasn’t until the late 70’s that these Schumann frequencies were detected from a balloon by a Japanese research team.

We believe that all organisms have evolved or grown accustomed to these natural frequencies, and our systems are tuned to operate best with them, rather than with the increasing number of man-made frequencies we experience daily in our modern world.


Stress is part of our hectic everyday life.

Philip Stein watches and bracelets are designed to help bring us back to a more relaxed state allowing us to better cope with everything we face in our busy lives.

It cannot be coincidental that during the most relaxed state of mind our brains emit frequencies between 7 and 9 Hertz, a range of frequencies known to be among the natural ones.


Without the ability to focus we are constantly living in a state of imbalance.

Philip Stein watches, bracelets, and life style products are designed to help you regain this focus, giving you a better chance at coping with everything life throws at you.


We all want to be in a positive mood, every day, all the time. But our mood is based so much on our body and how it feels.

Philip Stein products are designed to help you relax more, focus better and sleep deeper.


Sleep is crucial to our health and overall wellbeing. Philip Stein sleep bracelets are designed to help you sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed.

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