The Philip Stein guide to enhanced wellbeing

September 15, 2013

The human mind and body are amazing machines. At their optimum, they have the ability to heal, renew and cleanse themselves. If, through sound lifestyle choices, we create the right conditions, a state of vibrant and holistic wellbeing will naturally follow.


Move your body

Practice a form of low-impact exercise every day. Yoga, Pilates, swimming or cycling tones muscle, diffuses stress and encourages the body to expel toxins. Even better, exercise outdoors in nature to induce an instant sense of wellbeing.

Alkalize your system

Increase your intake of alkalizing green vegetables and limit acid-forming substances like caffeine and diary produce. An alkaline state inhibits disease and increases energy levels.

Take adequate rest

Prioritize sleep. When the body’s well-rested, immune function, physical performance and emotional contentment are all improved.


Challenge yourself

Attempt a new mental challenge each day. Complete a crossword, brain training game or memorize a favorite passage of poetry. Frequent and varied cognitive challenges promote mental agility.

Widen your horizons

Familiar surroundings and people present less of a challenge than new experiences, which mentally stretch us. Once a week, visit somewhere unfamiliar, strike up a conversation with a stranger or read a newspaper you’d normally never buy.


Just ten minutes of focused thinking daily will leave you more alert and improve your concentration. Practice clearing your mind of all thought while you breathe in to a count of four, then out to a count of four. Increase to a count of eight when you feel confident to move on.


Laugh More

Watch your favorite funny movie or spend time with friends who make you smile. Laughing increases our natural levels of endorphins, hormones that make us feel relaxed and may even help us deal with pain.

Connect with others

Nurture meaningful connections with others through community schemes, volunteering or simply interacting with a neighbor. Fostering good relations with others makes us feel more emotionally fulfilled.

Let Go

Holding onto negative emotions from the past affects how we move forward into the future. To experience true contentment, counseling or emotional freedom technique (EFT) are useful tools to help move beyond past regrets or pain into a place of positivity.


Practice mindfulness

Focusing on the present helps us feel spiritually engaged with our environment and community. To be mindful, try not to think about the past or what will happen in the future. Learn to appreciate what’s good about this moment, right here, right now.

Be curious

Never stop questioning your wider purpose in life. Being aware of the bigger picture helps hone our sense of spirituality and perspective. Traveling to new places, reading philosophy and enjoying art and culture all inform our sense of purpose and spiritual wellbeing

Be authentic

Determine your own personal value system, then aim to live your life as closely to those ideals as possible. Honoring your own values leads to a sense of fulfillment and confidence.