by Philip Stein

Aligned from within, we reconnect with the Earth and improve ourselves, enhancing the experience of life.

Reconnect with the Earth through our


The unique Natural Frequency Technology® embedded within our timepieces is finely tuned to resonate with the body, strengthening your biomagnetic field.

Multiple clinical studies confirm it is a natural solution to reduce stress, anxiety, and food cravings while improving mood, cognitive functions, and overall sleep quality.

Reduce stress while improving overall wellbeing

The Signature Evolution presents itself as a modern and timeless watch with fewer curves and a thicker case than the original Signature Collection. It still features the iconic dual time zone dial and an interchangeable natural rubber strap. The Natural Frequency Technology® inside is clinically proven to significantly reduce perceived stress and improve overall wellbeing.

Unisex Evolution Collection by Philip Stein


Iconic Dual
Time Zone

Natural Frequency
Technology® inside

Easy interchangeable
strap system

Customer Experience

5 Stars

This is my 1st watch from PS and is one of the most smooth transaction I ever had. What makes is more enjoyable is that got additional discount as Valentine's Day was coming.

Almond Monteagudo, USA

5 Stars

I love my new Phillip Stein watch band. It makes my watch look brand new and beautiful.

Leslie Chenault, USA

5 Stars

Right time and right love put together - synchronized perfectly.

Connie Andrenil, Canada