Natural frequency technology

Natural frequency technology
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The technology

Each accessory in the Philip Stein collection contains our unique proprietary technology disc. Designed to be worn any and every day, it helps you to live in tune by re-establishing your personal connection to the earth.

Technology - How it works

How it works

We live surrounded by frequencies, and these frequencies affect our bodies.

In the modern world, some of the frequencies in our environment are natural, while others are manmade.

The Natural Frequency Technology in Philip Stein accessories is specially programmed to pick up and channel only those frequencies that are natural and beneficial to our bodies and minds. In other words, our products tune you back to a state where you can perform and live at your best.

The technology in detail

Everything – from our own cells and bodies, to the water, plant life, and materials that make up our environments – resonates or operates at a certain frequency.

As living beings, we have always been surrounded by natural frequencies, and it’s likely that we’ve become accustomed to living in balance with them. The modern age, however, has created artificial frequencies that can interfere with that balance.

Philip Stein Natural Frequency technology works in the same way as a finely-tuned antenna, harnessing and channeling beneficial natural frequencies directly to your body. The result is a greater sense of wellbeing and balance, day or night, no matter where you are. Our technology helps you live in tune.


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