Designed exclusively for Philip Stein by the Calgaro jewelry company, this Italian made accessory represents the epitome of luxury elegance. This collaboration between two innovators in their field is expertly crafted using revolutionary techniques, showcasing lavish tranquility and contemporary sophistication.
Calgaro Black Diamond - 81D-BD-B

Calgaro Black Diamond

Calgaro Black Gold - 81YG-BD-YG

Calgaro Black Gold

Calgaro Black Steel - 81-BD-B

Calgaro Black Steel

Calgaro Gold Diamond - 81DYG-BD-YG

Calgaro Gold Diamond

Calgaro Ivory Diamond - 81DYG-IVD-YG

Calgaro Ivory Diamond

Calgaro Ivory Gold - 81YG-IVD-YG

Calgaro Ivory Gold

Calgaro Rose Gold Diamond - 81DRG-BRD-BR

Calgaro Rose Gold Diamond

Calgaro Rose Gold Diamond - 81RG-BRD-BR

Calgaro Rose Gold Diamond

Calgaro Steel Diamond - 81D-IVD-SS

Calgaro Steel Diamond

Calgaro Steel Ivory - 81-IVD-SS

Calgaro Steel Ivory

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