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Live in tune as a way of life


Live in tune
as a way of life

Live in tune is the Philip Stein brand ethos; it sums up everything we believe in:

Tuning means calibration for optimum performance, and our Natural Frequency Technology helps to re-tune your body and mind to their natural best.

Being in tune means being in harmony and when your body is in tune, you feel better, have more confidence and experience life in a healthy, balanced way.

For us, Live in Tune is a reminder and an encouragement to pursue personal betterment and harmonious living every day through the Philip Stein technology and lifestyle. After all, a life in tune is a life well lived.

Live in tune.

Our philosophy

Our world is dazzling in its variety and energy, yet also unprecedented in its speed and demands. Living in balance can be a daily challenge. The Philip Stein answer isn’t to disconnect, but reconnect – to our thoughts, ourselves and to the earth. Even in times of stress, even deep within the city, we believe living in tune is achievable.

We’re all unique, and so is our sense of wellbeing. For us, it’s a harmony of mind, body and spirit. It can be found everywhere you are and in everything you do, not just occasionally but always. Maybe you’ve been on the road to wellbeing a long time; maybe you’re just beginning – simply know that it isn’t a destination and perhaps not even a journey. Living in tune is a way of life.

Our technology

Our technology

Everything around us, and even inside us, has a frequency. Our technology channels the natural frequencies that most benefit your body, re-establishing your personal connection to the earth.

When you wear a Philip Stein watch or bracelet, that technology meets your body at the wrist, an important energy centre. Not only a pleasure to wear, it helps you to live in tune without time, effort or willpower - the perfect companion to modern living.

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Our story

Our story

We’ve been working to help people live in tune for more than ten years. We’re as proud of our early customer testimonials describing better sleep, focus and relaxation, as we are of becoming one of Oprah’s “favorite things”. Not just once, but three times.

But if anything, the last five years of Philip Stein has been defined by research. We’re always exploring, refining and developing our natural frequency technology, and seeking new ways to share it. Our watches, sleep bracelets and fragrance are just the beginning in our aim to bring better living to everyone.

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Live in Tune with Philip Stein

Live in Tune with Philip Stein
Jasper Garvida
Jasper Garvida