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Q. How does Philip Stein technology work?

The technology inside every Philip Stein accessory acts like an antenna – finely tuned to pick up and channel the beneficial natural frequencies that surround us, toward our bodies. In doing so, it helps tune us back to a state where we can perform and live at our best.

Q. Is there scientific proof that the technology works?

We are working with research institutes around the world to scientifically demonstrate the ways in which our proprietary Natural Frequency Technology positively affects the human body. Preliminary studies have been very promising. Results from double blind studies at the Neurokinetics Institute in Canada and at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida suggest improved balance, ocular focus and a reduced feeling of lightheadedness when standing up abruptly – all wellbeing indicators.

Q. How was the technology developed?

Natural Frequency Technology was discovered and developed by a group of engineers and scientists exploring the influence natural frequencies have on water. Years of careful tuning and testing later, it is the core of all of our products.

Q. Does the technology use magnets?

Our technology does not use magnets, but rather a tuning technology to pick up and channel the beneficial frequencies that surround us.

Q. What are natural frequencies?

Natural frequencies are all around us and always have been. They are typically caused by lightning striking the earth, which happens, on average, ten times a second. Because there is a cavity between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere, the frequencies generated are trapped and propagate throughout the world. We believe that all organisms have evolved or grown accustomed to these natural frequencies, and our systems are tuned to operate best with them, rather than with the increasing number of man-made frequencies we experience in the modern world.


Q. What is wellbeing?

We define wellbeing as a state of harmony achieved through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual alignment.

Q. How will your products improve my wellbeing?

Our products are lifestyle accessories that contribute to a better quality of life. The unique technology inside each one channels beneficial natural frequencies in the environment into your body, helping you feel centred and ordered, and more easily able to maintain your sense of wellbeing.

Q. Will I be able to feel a benefit?

Philip Stein technology works by channeling natural frequencies for your benefit. Everyone reacts differently. Some experience significant positive changes while, for most people, the benefit is incremental and contributes towards their wellness lifestyle on an ongoing basis.

Q. How long does it take to feel a benefit?

There is no specific time frame for the technology. While some might feel an immediate benefit, for others it might take longer. We recommend wearing a watch or sleep bracelet for 30 nights, then reviewing its effect.


Q. Is the technology in a sleep bracelet and watch different?

The natural frequencies that may help balance you during the day are not the same as those that help improve your quality of sleep. Therefore, the technology in our watches and sleep bracelets is tuned to pick up different frequencies, and has different effects on your body. We recommend wearing the watch during the day and the sleep bracelet at night to get the most benefit.

Q. Is the sleep bracelet at the same frequency throughout the night?

Each stage of sleep is associated with different frequencies. The technology in our sleep bracelet picks up and channels a variety of these frequencies, and is perfectly calibrated to help you to sleep better.

Q. How long does the sleep bracelet take to work?

Every person is unique and experiences the effects differently. Some wearers describe significant effects, while for others, they’re more subtle. As it may take some time to adjust to the nuances of the technology, we recommend you wear the sleep bracelet for 30 consecutive nights and then evaluate the effect on your body.

Q. When can I wear my sleep bracelet?

Any time you want to sleep. The best time to wear your sleep bracelet is at night, so that it can help you when you need it most, yet you might find it useful for napping and when flying, as it may help with jetlag.

Q. When should I put on my sleep bracelet?

Put the sleep bracelet on shortly before you go to sleep. You may find that taking it off just before you get up helps you feel more refreshed in the morning.


Q. Can I wear your products during pregnancy?

Since Philip Stein products are lifestyle accessories, not medical devices, we suggest that you consult your doctor before wearing one of our accessories, or any other device.

Q. Will the sleep bracelet help someone who suffers from sleep apnea or insomnia?

While the Philip Stein sleep bracelet is designed to help contribute to an improved quality of sleep, it is not designed to cure medical conditions like sleep apnea and insomnia, for which you should consult your doctor.

Q. I’ve just had a pacemaker fitted. Can I still wear my Phillip Stein watch?

Our technology is based on naturally occurring frequencies and we are not aware of any instances of interference with a pacemaker. However, we do recommend consulting your doctor before choosing to wear a Philip Stein accessory.

Accessory details

Q. What type of movements are in my Philip Stein watch?

Philip Stein timepieces feature high-quality quartz movements, as well as self-winding automatic movements. We use Japanese and Swiss movements for different models.

Q. What does “ATM” on the back of my watch stand for?

The acronym ATM stands for “atmosphere” and refers to how well a watch can withstand pressure.

Care and cleaning

Q. Will my Philip Stein watch need maintenance?

Detailed maintenance on your watch movements will help maintain its accuracy. Depending on the model, this should be carried out every three to five years. Routine maintenance, such as battery changes, will be required more frequently. You can use our store locator to find your nearest Philip Stein Authorized Repair Center, for more information.

Q. How long should the battery last?

The battery does not need to be replaced for the technology to function, however old batteries should be removed and replaced in order to avoid damaging other components. Battery life depends on the model, but is estimated to be around 18–24 months. Batteries are not covered under the warranty, however, if the timepiece is still within its two-year warranty period, replacement of batteries is required to be carried out by a Philip Stein Authorized Repair Center.

Q. How should I clean my watch?

We recommend checking your watch for build-up in its creases and stainless steel bracelet, and gently cleaning it using a soft, damp cloth and soft toothbrush with mild soap (without fragrances or moisturizers). Keep the crown in its home position to prevent moisture entering the case. Dry the watch and bracelet completely with a soft dry cloth when finished.

Q. How should I clean my fabric straps and stainless steel bracelets?

We recommend surface cleaning your strap and bracelets using warm water and mild soap with a soft brush. With the exception of rubber bracelets, avoid completely submerging any strap in water. Lay flat and air dry, avoiding artificial heat and direct sunlight. We recommend cleaning once a week for heavily worn straps, or if the strap has come into contact with excess perspiration.

Q. What should I do if my watch comes into contact with water or chemicals?

Your watch should not have direct contact with water and should be kept away from cleaning agents, perfumes, cosmetics and other solvents, which can cause damage to the bracelet, straps, gaskets or seals. If your watch comes into contact with salt water or chlorinated water, we recommend rinsing with fresh water to help preserve the gaskets and seals.

Q. Why has my strap discolored?

The natural materials used to manufacture your strap are sensitive to intense sunlight, chemicals, and excessive perspiration. Therefore, continued exposure to these conditions could cause discoloration or other forms of damage. Friction with external garments could also cause straps to lose color over time. We do not recommend wearing light-colored straps continually, as they will pick up residue and become stained more easily than those that are darker.

Q. I have a scratch on my watch crystal (glass). How can I have it repaired?

Most Philip Stein watches feature Curved Sapphire Coated Mineral Crystals. While no watch crystals are scratch or shatter proof, sapphire coated crystals offer added protection. Full sapphire crystals offer the highest level of resistance available, however, are still not impervious to damage. Crystal replacements can be performed by any of our Authorized Repair Centers.

Q. Can I swim/shower while wearing my watch?

Philip Stein timepieces with a rating of 3ATM water resistance offer basic protection from accidental contact with water, such as being caught in the rain or washing your hands. Philip Stein timepieces that are rated 5ATM water resistance are protected from water damage during accidental contact, such as when washing hands, or even while showering, however, they should never be submerged entirely in water. 10ATM watches can be used for casual contact with water, as when wading in a swimming pool. Only watches marked 15ATM or greater are recommended for shallow swimming. Additionally, only watches with screw down crowns are recommended for routine use in or around water. Philip Stein watches are not suited for diving.

Q. Condensation appears on the inside of my watch crystal? What should I do?

Condensation happens when the watch encounters sudden temperature changes. This could happen when going from hot outdoor climates to cool, air-conditioned rooms. If the condensation does not clear, or happens repeatedly, please contact your nearest Philip Stein Authorized Repair Center.

Q. The seal on the back of my watch is broken. What should I do?

All water resistant watches have gaskets and seals keeping water and air from entering the watch case. Exposure to various conditions, including oils and salts from our bodies, may cause these gaskets and seals to deteriorate. We recommend that these items be checked by a Philip Stein Authorized Repair Center each year as a precautionary measure.