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Our wellbeing technology reaches and supports thousands of people across the world each year. We asked some members of this special community to share a story from their wellbeing journey.

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Customer stories

Ghiras Editor (Shabab20)

"I tried Sleep Bracelet for one week and following this I continued to fall into deep sleep every time I am using it "

Rabah Editor (Al Yaqaza)

"My wife tried the Sleep Bracelet and she is very happy using it"

Saidah Editor (Capital talk)

"I try the Sleep Bracelet for one Week ,then I stop wearing forsome time , but when I start wearing it every day, I notice that while am wearing it I feel more relaxed "

Emilie Goldstein (Women’s Health & Fitness)

"I didn't sleep longer with the bracelet, but I slept better and felt less tired in the morning which is quite a feat when you have a one year-old child!"

Nihal Editor in Chief (Mag Mall Magazine)

"I like the material of the Sleep Bracelet I feel very comfortable during my sleep time"

Walid Saad Editor in Chief (Al Sada Magazine)

"regarding the Sleep Bracelet , its perfect and its helping me a lots, to sleep deeply "

Zeinah Editor (Josour Magazine)

"Sleep Bracelet helped me to relax and enjoy the long sleep, because I was suffer from Waking up Several times in the night"

Ali Mahmoud Editor (Ara Magazine)

"I have the Sleep Bracelet and I liked the experience so much that I started advise my friends and colleagues to go and purchase one"

Dyana Farhat Editor (Ahlan Arabic)

"regarding my experience for the Sleep Bracelet, its helps me in getting good sleep after hard working day "

Suher Editor (Al Siha Wateb)

"I try the Sleep Bracelet and, I couldn’t find any difference because I don’t have any problem in sleeping , but I notice that while am wearing it I feel more relaxed "