Philip Stein Shines at ISPA

November 22, 2015

For some time, we at Philip Stein have been tugging at the heartstrings of the wellness industry and told we were ahead of our time. We are thrilled to report that now we are finally fortunate enough to be finding ourselves on the wrists of respected influencers in the spa and health categories day AND night.


A natural progression of the way this community has embraced us, is our exhibition at the 2015 International Spa Association Conference in Las Vegas last week, where the foremost spa and wellness pioneers poke around to discover the newest, hottest, most interesting new healthy lifestyle products and technologies.


The reception was overwhelming. Although we know we're on the radar of a slew of health-minded industry thought-leaders, we never expected to be embraced as warmly as we were on the ISPA floor. Word is out about our Natural Frequency Technology, which is embedded into each of our iconic timepieces and wellness bracelets to keep wearers balanced, alert and focused during the day, and well-rested at night.


Spa industry legends Ella Stimpson and Jane Segerberg


Heather Thompson from The Real Housewives of New York and Will Stein, Founder of Philip Stein


From start to close, the booth was swarming with industry heavy hitters and celebrities throughout the entire weekend. Attendees were welcome to try and experience Philip Stein first hand.


A sleeper by no stretch of the imagination, our celebrated sleep bracelet stole the show. In an environment of excellence like ISPA, it can be tricky for even the most health-conscious individuals to take a step back and nourish themselves with adequate rest. We're still reeling from the brilliant display of feedback and enthusiasm.


See you at the spa...