Make Everyday A Statement with Lea Salonga

December 2, 2014

Each passing day of our lives should be regarded as important. It tells our story, our journey. Not just for the remarkable days but also for our everyday moments of ordinary encounters, challenges or mental and emotional disposition. For Philip Stein, everyday matters. More than just being a timepiece, Philip Stein, a luxury wellbeing technology brand, is boldly claiming that everyday deserves a statement, with its latest marketing campaign in the Philippines, “Make Everyday A Statement.”



A befitting spokesperson for the Make Everyday A Statement campaign is no other than Lea Salonga. She has made her statement to the world many times over. Her successful string of roles in broadway productions and the marvel of her singing voice in Disney hits Alladin and Mulan are testimonies of what one can achieve, learn and share with the rest of the world. She made her countrymen proud when she bagged the Tony and Olivier trophies for her role in Miss Saigon. It’s been twenty-five years since Lea Salonga’s casting as Kim, but she continues to elicit raves and admiration with her performance at the 25th year anniversary, performing with fellow cast member Jonathan Pryce and Simon Bowman and current cast member Rachelle Ann Go.


Now, Lea is making another statement to the world, as the face and brand ambassador of luxury wellbeing watch brand, Philip Stein. Lea Salonga is the Philippines’ proud statement of artistry and perfection to the rest of the world. Philip Stein’s Natural Frequency Technology works in perfect rhythm with Lea’s lifestyle and passion for her craft. It is fine-tuned to pick up frequencies that are most beneficial to human well-being, helping to improve focus and achieve balance.


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