Philip Stein announces partnership with Wellbeing Escapes

November 9, 2014

Philip Stein is excited to announce a new partnership with spa holiday and wellbeing experts, Wellbeing Escapes. This collaboration stems from common values of wellbeing and quality products and experiences. Philip Stein grew from the journey of finding a way to live in tune in a fast moving world and discover new ways to promote wellbeing, while Wellbeing Escapes is a company that offers a unique collection of the most authentic spas and reputable health resorts around the world as well as life skills based workshops to help you maintain a sense of wellbeing at home.


Clients of Wellbeing Escapes receive a stress-free, knowledgeable and valuable service for finding handpicked health, fitness and relaxation holidays. So whether you're looking to spend three days relaxing in a spa with healthy food, you need to lose weight with a detox holiday or improve your fitness levels with a tailored training package we have the right approach to help you achieve your wellness goals.


With a focus on stress management, work life balance, and living a healthy lifestyle, Wellbeing Escapes promotes the idea of happiness and wellbeing through living a balanced lifestyle and enjoying activities that make us happy. Philip Stein shares this philosophy as we create products that can be worn day and night, on any occasion, to create a 24hour wellbeing experience. These experiences include wellbeing Natural Frequency Technology, based on the scientific principle that the world is surrounded by natural frequencies that help us stay at our healthiest.


To find out more about Wellbeing Escapes, please visit their website at: