A day in the life

September 17, 2013

As an ambassador for wellbeing, Will Stein doesn’t disappoint. The husband and father is the living, breathing embodiment of everything Philip Stein stands for - balance and equilibrium for better health and wellbeing. In Will’s world, wellbeing isn’t a gimmick to sell products – it’s an authentic way of life. A finely-tuned concept, tested over time. Below, he talks us through a typical day, allowing us a rare insight into the man behind the brand.


My day starts at 7am. I rarely use an alarm clock, unless I have an early flight, even then my inner clock sometimes wakes me up on time. After getting up, I do resistance training for 30 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of yoga using an app. Exercising first thing makes me feel limber and energetic, so I try and do it at least three times a week.

7.45 am

For breakfast I’ll drink water to rehydrate, then make a green smoothie with spinach, celery, apple and lemon. When traveling, I substitute this with an alkalizing green powder mixed into water. During breakfast I respond to any urgent emails then shower, get dressed and slip on my Philip Stein wristwatch, which balances my energy for the day ahead.


I drive to work in the small lake community of Kilchberg, ten minutes from downtown Zurich. It’s a beautiful place and I love being in nature. The lake is a short walk from home with the mountains in the distance. Once at the office, I’m busy with meetings, calls and brainstorming.


As we live nearby, my wife and I head home for lunch. We’ll have salad and quinoa, sometimes fish or pasta and occasionally, good multigrain bread from our local bakery. I became fully vegetarian when I was 26, so my diet predominantly consists of fresh, organic vegetables and occasionally, some fish. After lunch, I rest for 15 minutes with a green tea.


The afternoon is spent back in the office with meetings and emails, or catching up with international clients on Skype.


We arrive home and prepare dinner - either fish or veggie burgers, rice or quinoa, always with different vegetables. Occasionally we’ll have pizza or spring rolls.


After dinner, I spend time with my son, talking to him about his day and discussing any issues he might have. It’s my time to focus on being a father.


I’m back on my laptop catching up on business until about midnight. As we’re an international brand I need to be available across various time zones.


Most nights I’m in bed by 12.30am. I use my sleep bracelet to help me drift into a deep, uninterrupted sleep. The next morning I wake up feeling refreshed, ready to start all over again.