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The Philip Stein team

The Philip Stein Story

We are Will and Rina Stein. Our company grew out of our own journey to find a way to live in tune in a fast-moving world and our discovery that natural frequencies can help. Our belief in its potential led us to Natural Frequency Technology. Together with our experience in business and watch design and through collaborating with scientists and experts in frequency technology, it allowed us to bring something new to the watchmaking landscape – a distinctive watch that provides the potential to improve its wearer’s quality of life.

Within a year of the launch, we were overwhelmed with testimonials from customers. They described better sleep, less tension, improved concentration and enhanced wellbeing. We had always set out to create an iconic watch that helped people find balance and wellbeing. The “feel good watch”, as it became known, wasn’t popular simply because of its look, but also because it helped customers feel better on a day-to day basis. From the dual time zone dial to the interchangeable straps and the window that allowed an owner to see the technology disc – wearing a Philip Stein watch is a truly unique and fulfilling experience.

Our timepieces and bracelets are now available in more than 30 countries around the world. Our research has never ended and we’re constantly creating new ways to use our Natural Frequency Technology to improve quality of life. Today, you can choose from watches, bracelets and sleep bracelets. Tomorrow, we are focusing on offering new and improved products to help you look, feel and live in tune.

When our first Philip Stein watch was sold, it was the first time Natural Frequency Technology had ever been used in a luxury timepiece. That was 2003, and we haven’t looked back since.

Will and Rina Stein